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ask nasty nancy

Introducing the intersectional feminist advice column you've been waiting for, a Nasty Women's Press exclusive, Ask Nasty Nancy

Feel secure knowing our advice is ethically sound, inclusive and socially aware.

We'll help you channel your fierce inner take-no-shit warrior, set boundaries with ease, say no to free emotional labour and generally DGAF.

- Unless giving AF is something that's needed in your journey right now, in which case we will encourage the shit out of that.

The point is: we're a diverse group of writers who get it.

Need an IBPOC perspective? A queer perspective? A survivor's perspective? An anti-ableist perspective? Hit us up. If your question is chosen, the team member(s) best equipped to speak to your query will reply to you.

If you are currently in crisis, please seek outside help. Your life and safety are the most important thing we can think of. We're not mental health professionals.


Or send us snail mail*

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*Hey, why not? Some of us yearned to write for Sassy in the early '90s. And if we wanted them to publish our riveting material, we had to use this obscure thing called mail. Like we never actually submitted our stuff, but we thought about it. Ohhhh we thought about it.

We won't print your names, but feel free to leave this blank nonetheless. Or just make up a name. Who's gonna know?