Help Shukri help families in Somali drought!

Help Shukri help families in Somali drought!

Shukri Dualeh puts her money where her mouth is

For Toronto writer, spoken word artist and activist Shukri Dualeh, the drought in Somalia is by no means an abstract concept. It’s tangible.

And it’s personal, which is why she set out to raise $2,000.00 in ten days for families in need.

Dualeh has family in Somalia who are directly impacted by the drought—a crisis the New York Times calls “one of the biggest humanitarian disasters since World War II”.

Dualeh explained the situation in Somalia in a Mar. 21 email to members of the Centre for Social Innovation where she works as a community animator.

“Somalia is undergoing a drought that has left once fertile cropland cracked and useless. Livestock and crops depended on for sustenance and business are dead, and families like my own are in dire need of help. The whole country is on the verge of famine,” Dualeh said.

The whole country is on the verge of famine

The Times piece goes on to say that famines are imminent in Somalia, whose last famine was only six years ago; as well as in Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen. It estimates that if left unchecked, these famines will “endanger … 20 million lives” in the region.

The famines could endanger 20 million lives

Al Jazeera reports that a third of Somali children are at risk of dropping out of school because of this famine, where three million people are already starving.

One third of Somali children are at risk of dropping out of school

Dualeh started the 100-pledge challenge in an effort to raise $2,000.00 in ten days. She’s two thirds of the way there and will reach her goal once a hundred people have pledged $20.00 each. She says the reason she set out to reach her goal in just ten days is that “the need is urgent”. She hopes to raise the full amount by Mar. 31, just four days from today.

“$500 can support an average family of seven for six weeks. My goal is to be able to support four families for six weeks with $2,000,” Dualeh said in her email.

Dualeh will provide financial support for additional Somali families if she exceeds her goal, and will update each donor on the specific family their money has gone to support.

TO DONATE, contact Dualeh by email at or by phone at (416) 979-3939, ext. 3. The easiest payment methods are cash and email money transfer. You have until this Friday, Mar. 31.

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