5 fantastic feminist podcasts you need to hear

5 fantastic feminist podcasts you need to hear

When I listened to my very first podcast about a year ago, I didn’t know what to expect.

I’d heard of them. I knew they existed. But I wasn’t aware of the sheer multiplicity of podcasts until I began scrolling through my podcast app.

Rich stories on research-based topics and unique narratives left me wanting more.

Through listening to empowering stories of survivors, change-makers and storytellers, I found joy in learning: about people, about places, about anything and everything that influenced the way I saw myself and others.

And here’s the kicker: women were constructing their own narratives, uninterrupted.

Women were sharing stories and experiences of women, by women, unapologetically.

Women were celebrating women, freely. And who would’ve thought?

In a world dominated by male voices, this virtual space encouraged all types of stories. 

It’s been a year and I’m hooked. I still look for more podcast recommendations to make my long commutes less daunting.

Here are some feminist gems.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Image source: Stuff Mom Never Told You

Image source: Stuff Mom Never Told You

Stuff Mom Never Told You is your go-to for all things feminist. Topics include everything from stereotypes and health to pop culture and psychology. The hosts prepare for each episode with a wealth of research and infuse it with personal anecdotes. It’s like a fun encyclopedia—does that even exist? —for curious women.

Ladies Who Lunch

Image source:  Ladies Who Lunch

Image source: Ladies Who Lunch

YouTubers Cat Valdes and Ingrid Nilsen created Ladies Who Lunch, a podcast they describe as an exploration of “topics often left out of polite conversation,” including “sex, relationships, social phobias, and more as they approach life dilemmas with compassion and a sense of humour.” The show’s hosts don’t shy away from taboo subjects. They share what each topic means to them and those around them.


Image source:  #GoodMuslimBadMuslim

Image source: #GoodMuslimBadMuslim

Are you a good Muslim or a bad one? How Muslim are you really? A lot of Muslims — myself included — experience harsh judgment from Muslims and non-Muslims all the time. i.e. whether we pray or don’t pray, or drink or don’t drink, and what those rather personal decisions say about us as Muslims. 

The hosts of #GoodMuslimBadMuslim started the hashtag on Twitter to share their experiences of being Muslim in the west, which later inspired the podcast. Tune in it to follow along as they take us through the sometimes tricky politics of belonging to a multitude of identities.

See Something Say Something

Image source:  Buzzfeed 's  See Something Say Something

Image source: Buzzfeed's See Something Say Something

See Something Say Something is yet another guiding source for talking all things Muslim in the west.

The host interviews Muslim guests about their experiences, and often touch on taboo subjects.

Taboo episodes are my favourites as they reflect lived experiences that folks tend to leave out of the conversation. And if we don’t talk about our varied experiences, who will?

Also, if you’re into talking samosas, Zayn Malik, and Master of None (who isn’t?), then open your podcast app of choice immediately! Thank me later.

The Exposé

Image source:  The Exposé

Image source: The Exposé

According to its bio, The Exposé “covers everything from love, culture and dad jokes to pop culture, life, and politics, all in one brutally honest show.” 

The show’s hosts aren’t afraid to speak their mind as they take on topics including sexism in Hollywood, female sexuality, body positivity and so much more. 

The hosts close out each episode with questions for one another, adding a personal and fun touch.  

Allow yourselves to challenge the status quo and delve into difficult topics — as the hosts say at the beginning of each episode: “you’re listening to The Exposé, where we peel back the layers around taboo topics, onion style.”


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Copyright 2017 Nasty Women's Press

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