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Terms of Use


Nasty Women's Press is a safe space.

Respect yourselves and each other.

Here at Nasty Women's Press, we practice intersectionality.

That means that we hold firmly:

  1. That everyone deserves not just equality but equity
  2. Everyone is entitled to a shot at the same opportunities, including women, IBPOC, queer people, people of all ability categories, of every race, class, gender identity and sexual orientation—everyone is worthy of respect
  3. Our identities are self-determined and self-defined. Please call people by their desired terms of reference and their chosen gender pronouns: she/her he/him they/them ze. People will tell you who they are. We ask you to respect that.
  4. We will not tolerate hate speech or abuse. Ever. Do not be racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, misogynist, classist, ableist or agist in your language and the way you address other people on this site.
  5. There will be zero tolerance for threats of any kind.
  6. At Nasty Women's Press, we choose to believe people and respect them when they tell their stories. This is a safe space.
  7. Try to be genuine and hold space for others to do the same.